Seismic Surveys

  • All kinds of technologies to produce a seismic signal.
  • Jobs in all climatic and surface conditions, including transit zones.
  • High safety standards and efficiency.
  • The introduction of new technologies and innovation.

Processing and Interpretation

Geophysical information goes through the full cycle of standard and advanced processing of seismic data 2D/3D/3C/4D/4C/VSP on land and at sea of any complexity.


Production of Seismic Pulse Sources

Yenisei is a proprietary product of Geotech Seismic Services production facility Evenkiyageophysika. This unique equipment made in Siberia is unparalleled on a global scale and captures the interest of experts across the world, as Yenisei is an environmentally-friendly non-explosive seismic prospecting method that offers a unique take on the electromagnetic shock technology.

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