IGSS Obtains Exclusive Right to UniQ Until 2019 Year-End

Schlumberger has renewed its effective agreement with IGSS for the exclusive right to use the UniQ technology within Russia and the CIS until 2019 year-end.  
Field data collected with the use of the UniQ high-resolution technology allow to tackle the most complex geological tasks. Furthermore, deliverables of seismic exploration completed with the application of all modern hardware and methods during the field phase, processed and interpreted using cutting-edge software packages, materially exceed the deliverables of standard exploration in terms of efficiency. Data collected using the UniQ technology is more detailed as compared to 3D method.
The UniQ technology has no substitute when it comes to the development of Greenfield pools with a complex geology and the appraisal of Brownfields, where other seismic exploration methods are clearly inefficient. Moreover, the technology has neither climatic nor landscape restrictions (save for water objects) and can be adapted to the geological tasks of a specific field.
Let us recall that Gazprom neft was the first Russian company to initiate field seismic operations using the UniQ innovative technology in December 2012. It is contemplating a substantial improvement in the reliability of obtained data and a minimization of costs during the development of Greenfield areas on the account of this innovation.

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