Operational business management has been submitted to GEOTECH Seismic Services

GEOTECH Holding has initiated extensive structuring aimed at the company’s efficiency increase. Within the framework of organizational development of GEOTECH Holding management of operational activities has been submitted to the largest geophysical company belonging to the holding – GEOTECH Seismic Services.

This January at the forum «Investments and industrialization» President of GEOTECH Holding CJSC Nikolai Levitskiy admitted favorable environment in Tyumen region for business activities and declared that he was ready to consider relocation of the company from Moscow to Tyumen. In June the headquarters will be finally relocated into the Ural region closer to concentration of majority of the company’s production subdivisions. The Moscow office will remain only for cooperation with investors and marketing survey.

Yury Kalabin has been appointed Chief operating officer of GEOTECH Holding and Director General of GEOTECH Seismic Services. Prior to this appointment Yury Kalabin held the post of Advisor to the President of GEOTECH Holding.

«Relocation of the headquarters started when the affiliate of GEOTECH Holding - “Tymenneftegeophysika” celebrated its 50thanniversary. Sometime ago TNGF enabled to provide seismic survey in Tyumen region almost on a commercial scale and now the office building of the subsidiary has become the headquarters of GEOTECH,” - stated Chief operating officer of GEOTECH Holding Yury Kalabin. — Of course, not all specialists can easily leave the Moscow office and move to Tyumen, but they are given a chance to show their worth at the new place. Besides, new vacancies will be proposed for locals».

GEOTECH Seismic Services PJSC is registered in the city of Tyumen in Respubliki str., 173. The company is one of the major tax payers in Tyumen region.

GEOTECH Seismic Services is the largest Russian land and transition-zone geophysical company, a member of IG Seismic Services PLC (IGSS). The Company provides services for high quality seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation to oil and gas companies in all Russia’s oil and gas provinces, in the CIS and abroad. 

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