«Geotech Seismic Services» has participated in low-frequency seismic survey trials

   «The RITEK oil company has successfully completed seismic survey with application of low-frequency broad-band vibroseis pilot signal at frequency less than 5,5 Hz. for the first time in Russia.
   The operations were completed together with Sercel (the leading seismic equipment manufacturer ) and the contractor “Orenburg Geophysical Research Expedition » OJSC ( a branch of “Geotech Seismic Services” ) within the Ochakovsky license block in Samara region, Russia. Low frequency application increases seismic resolution, enables to extract a large volume of seismic data and enhances the pilot signal penetration into the target horizon. The preliminary results of trials make it possible to declare that this seismic method may be applied in the Russian environment. RITEK is planning to continue to apply this type of seismic investigation within their license blocks in Volgograd region, Russia », - the PR department of the Company states.
    The source reference: http://www.ritek.ru/news/3063

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