«Geotech seismic services”: PBU-2 might be equipped with an upgraded drilling rig

The company “Drilling Technology Manufactory” from Saint-Petersburg aims to cooperate with «Geotech seismic services”

The drilling rig PBU-2 used for drilling of shot and bore holes might be upgraded. «Geotech seismic services” PJSC provides seismic surveys not only in Russia but worldwide as well. Therefore, landscape, terrain and rock formation determine the specifications of equipment used for different seismic projects. The field trials of the drilling rig manufactured by the Saint-Petersburg production company have revealed some drawbacks that need to be eliminated.

«The engineers and designers shall upgrade the drilling rig based on our comments. The main requirement is to enhance wearing power. Moreover, it is necessary to upgrade the cutting edges of the bit for more efficient rock drilling», - comments Nikolai Stepanenko, the Chief specialist in drilling rigs and machinery of «Geotech seismic services”.

The design specification is being developed now. After upgrade the drilling rig will be tested again at one of «Geotech seismic services” experimental areas. 

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