Tyumen geophysicists have successfully completed the field season 2016-2017

The field season (lasting fr om November 2016 to April 2017) has been successfully completed in PJSC “Geotech Seismic Services”. In spite of complicated weather conditions, 11 seismic projects were implemented, where 8 projects consisted of 2 or more blocks.

Almost every project of this year might be considered ambitious. The seismic crews really had a challenge. If commonly a seismic crew acquires 25 000 shot points, this year our seismic crews acquired up to 35 000 shot points. The geography of operations included YANAO, KHMAO (Western Siberia) and Eastern Siberia.

Among the large projects, including the ones consisting of several blocks, were the projects in YANAO wh ere the temperature was abnormally low and it resulted in idle time of 20 days or more. Such deviation from the schedule acquired taking rapid and constructive decisions: the crews were started-up from scratch, urgent dislocation of machinery was done, various equipment was used. This season demonstrated new opportunities of the company, that is to solve complicated geological tasks under severe geographical and climatic environment. There was also a seismic project in the producing field, the goal of which was not to reveal the geological structure but to define it more exactly and to this end an up-to-date equipment UniQ was applied. Q-technology enabled to provide a high density seismic survey quickly, in due time and with high quality. PJSC “Geotech Seismic Services” is the only Russian company that has an exclusive right to apply UniQ equipment in Russia.

This field season has introduced a lot of changes into management. The managers of the company considering complicated tasks arisen seek new ways for their solution. Therefore, a project management system was launched and maintenance operations were outsourced, having resulted in decrease of down time due to repair of equipment. The field workers have a right to share their opinion to improve their areas of work within the corporate project «Think Tank».

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