GEOTECH became the winner of the IT competition with its project "Improving the efficiency of seismic exploration"

GEOTECH Seismic Services became the winner of the first global annual competition “IOT PROJECT IN OF THE YEAR” in the nomination of "Special Project" for the implementation of the project "Improving the efficiency of seismic exploration".

This summer the provider of GPS monitoring solutions Gurtam ran a contest for the best project of the year to show how IoT can be applied in various spheres.

Together with the Russian company "Nova-Track", GEOTECH implemented the monitoring of more than 1000 units of equipment that operate in extreme climatic conditions with no infrastructure or communications. In order to improve the GSM coverage, a terminal with internal memory on each vehicle to keep information about mileage and fuel consumption was installed. Once the vehicle returned to the camp or got into the GSM coverage area, the data would automatically be updated at the cloud storage. Having received information on the vehicle fleet operation, GEOTECH was able to significantly reduce fuel consumption.

The monitoring system is already operating and kept being updated. In the near future, the company aims to implement not only a control system for fuel consumption but also a full solution for logistics automation.

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