West Siberia: Seismic Crew No. 2 is the company's “quality mark”.

In the 2020-21 field season, seismic crew No. 2 of Tyumenneftegeofizika, the branch of PJSC GEOTECH Seismic Services, conducts seismic exploration works on behalf of Gazpromneft-Khantos LLC at two locations (total 472 km2).

The preparatory period included the gradual mobilization of resources by water and road transport, planned repairs and maintenance of all types of resources, obtaining of the necessary permits, personnel training, and construction of facilities. According to the client’s audit, the seismic crew has shown great results for being 100% ready for the seismic works.

Thanks to many years of successful implementation of projects, a close-knit and experienced team, and the loyal employees, seismic crew No. 2 of the Tyumenneftegeofizika branch is not only a structural unit but a "quality mark" for GEOTECH. In this field season, seismic crew No. 2 has started to implement a complex project with its inherent energy and perseverance. To date, all types of work are carried out either in compliance with the planned schedule or above the planned indicators.

The stability of the seismic crew No. 2 is not its benefit. The testing and pilot-industrial implementation of advanced techniques and technologies carried out in this seismic crew too. It is not the first year that seismic crew No. 2 uses a combined set of geophysical equipment for data recording: "traditional" cable Sercel 428HL and cable-free-WTU (Sercel). At the same time, in the 2020-21 field season, 80% of equipment is cable-free. In 2020, as part of the experimental testing in seismic crew No. 2, a drone was used for data collection. In this field season, it is already used for data collection during the seismic works. The use of drone allows to significantly speed up the data collection process, and therefore increases the efficiency of processing field data and allows to make faster decisions on its quality.

However, the drone is not the only "novelty" in the seismic crew No. 2. Abnormally warm weather conditions, which cause insufficient freezing of swamps and complicate the movement of vehicles in flooded areas, is a recent trend and a challenge for seismic exploration in the region. To overcome this problem, this season the seismic crew No. 2 uses the light drill УБШМ 1-20 (similar to snow-and-swamp rovers "Rossomakh" and all-terrain vehicles Tinger) on wetlands and ice surfaces. Currently, the equipment is already used for seismic works.

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