Tyumenneftegeofizika - half a century, the Tyumen region - 70 years!

In May 2014 was 50 years old organization "Tyumenneftegeofizika" (TNGF) - one of the oldest enterprises in the Tyumen region. In 1964, under the leadership of Managing Trust "Tyumenneftegeofizika" Knight of the Order "Badge of Honor", a prominent specialist in the field of geophysics Ville Mansurov has formed a team of specialists, who was able to zero as soon as possible to begin commercial seismic survey in the harsh climatic conditions of the region.

For half a century brand "Tyumenneftegeofizika" is inextricably linked with the formation and development of the oil and gas industry in the area. Most of the oil fields of the Tyumen region including such giants as Bovanenkovskoye, Urengoy, Yamburg, Samotlor, Uvat, Kachin, Ust-Egovskaya open at sites identified and trained forces TNGF. TNGF managed to provide a seismic survey in the Tyumen region almost on an industrial scale, not accidentally Tyumen region only in the country for five years increased oil seven times.

Sure, the company has made a great contribution in the construction of urban facilities. So, the lady living in the "efficiency" were built by the trust "Tyumenneftegeofizika" while entering the GTGU "Glavtyumengeologia." Another object, donated by the city in 1976, he became the DC "Oilman". Today TNGF - a branch of the geophysical structure of IGSS "Geotech Seismic".

In January at the forum "Investment and industrialization" President IG Seismic Services (IGSS) Nikolai Levitsky said favorable conditions Tyumen region for business and said he was willing to consider moving the company from Moscow to Tyumen.

Already in June as part of a major restructuring of its head office finally relocated in the Ural region, and building TNGF became the headquarters of the company. General Director of JSC "Geotech Seismic" naznachenYury Kalabin. In addition, for Tyumentsev were created more jobs. Certainly, the main wealth of the company - highly devoted to their cause is not easy to professionals. Specialists "Geotech seismic surveys" have experience in Siberia, Yamal, and India and Mauritania, have unique knowledge of geological interpretation and modeling of geological deposits.

"Geotech Seismic" registered in Tyumen as the largest taxpayer, customers - Eni, KNOC, «Rosneft", "Rosneft", "Gazprom Neft", "Lukoil", "Gazprom", "Russneft" "Surgut", "Novatek", "Evrotek », Shell, and others.

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