Operations Management transferred "Geotech seismic survey"

JSC "Geotech Holding" proceeds to a major restructuring aimed at improving the efficiency of the company. As part of the organizational development JSC "Geotech Holding" control to the operating activities of the transferred largest geophysical company, which is part of the holding of "Geotech Seismic".

In January at the forum "Investment and industrialization" president of "Geotech Holding" Nikolai Levitsky said favorable conditions Tyumen region for business and said he was willing to consider moving the company from Moscow to Tyumen. Already in June finally relocated its head office in the Urals region. In Siberia, for the majority of the production units of the company. In Moscow, leaving only those departments that interact with investors, and those that are responsible for the work with the market.

Chief Operating Officer of JSC "Geotech Holding" and the General Director of JSC "Geotech Seismic" appointed Yuri Kalabin. Before that, Yuri served as adviser to the president of JSC "Geotech Holding".

"Moving head office coincided with the 50th anniversary of the branch of JSC" Geotech Seismic "-" Tyumenneftegeofizika "once TNGF managed to provide seismic survey in the Tyumen region almost on an industrial scale, and the building is now a subsidiary of the Company has been headquartered" Geotech "- said COO "Geotech Holding" Yuri Kalabin. - Of course, not all employees to easily move beyond the Urals, but it is a challenge and a chance to try his hand at a new place. Furthermore, additional jobs will be created for Tyumentsev. "

JSC "Geotech Seismic" registered in Tyumen on Republic Street, 173. The company - one of the major taxpayers Tyumen region.

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