Subdivision of GeoPrime LLC

Region: Standalone centers and Geophysical companies departments in Russia and CIS
Company type: Units for data processing as a part of exploration companies
Seismic Services: No
Data processing & Interpretation: Yes
Office Location: St. Petersburg

LLC "GeoPrime" is an enterprise for processing and interpretation of marine and land seismic data using advanced mathematical software – Omega and Petrel software systems.

The enterprise includes four subdivisions:

  • LLC "GeoPrime" in Moscow
  • LLC "GeoPrime" branch office (“Irtishgeophysics”) in Tumen
  • LLC "GeoPrime" branch office ("Tomsk geophysics company") in Tomsk
  • JSC “Geostan” in Almaty

The company has experience in working with large amounts of marine and land data, data reprocessing in accordance with contemporary standards and with the data registered in various geological environments.

The company has experience in fulfilling orders of the Russian and international oil and gas companies in the processing of data obtained in Russia and the CIS, Europe, Middle East and South America. The company is also able to work with data of any complexity in all regions of the world.

LLC “GeoPrime’s” main objective is to make the best possible use of the skills and experience of its employees as well as the joint venture partners (IGSS). The high employee qualification level is provided by the professional skill improvement program, WesternGeco.

The company’s history begins in 1998 with the formation of LLC “Geotechsystem”. In March, 2008 as the result of a reorganization, “Geotechsystem” became part of the “Integra” group. In July, 2008 a decision was made to merge the group’s key assets under the framework of the “GeoPrime” brand.

The enterprise used to be a geophysics service company, providing services in the processing and interpretation of geophysical data using it own mathematical software called Prime 3D.

In October 2010 LLC “GeoPrime” became part of IG Seismic Services, Ltd. (IGSS). This year LLC “GeoPrime” was reorganized by unifying all four divisions: LLC “GeoPrime” in Moscow (WesternGeco Computer processing center), in Tumen’ (“Irtishgeophysics”), in Tomsk (“Tomsk Geophysics Company”) and in Almaty (JSC “Geostan”). In 2012 the enterprise became part of JSC “GEOTECH Holding”.

This joint venture performs the processing and interpretation of marine and land data using Omega, Pertel and Prime 3D software.

The basis of “GeoPrime’s” technical abilities is a joint network of four processing centres, with a total of 1 100 IBM processors, holding a total of 180 TB.

The specialists have access to the network from 50 workstations using any format of data input/output.

Technologies used in processing and interpretation:

- processing large amounts of data

- Taking into account the influence of new surface imaging using CIP tomography, designed by WesternGeco

- contemporary multiple attenuation technology based on modeling - GSMP (Generalized Surface Multiple Prediction) for marine data and XIMP (Extended Internal Multiple Prediction) for land data

- various prestack migration algorithms (Kirchhoff, WEM, Gaussian Beam, RTM);

- CIP-Tomo tomographic algorithm (WesternGeco);

- Construction of a single bound depth-velocity model for 2D data;

- Time and depth processing with the consideration of VTI and TTI anisotropy;

- 5D data regulation based on azimuthality

- All types of inversion

- AVO-analysis

- FeS ( the primary component in the mineral pyrrhotite) forecast

- Seismogeological modeling

Head office:

127006, Moscow, Russia

29 M. Dmitrovka st, bld.3,

Tel:  +7 (495) 287-88-35 


LLC “GeoPrime” in Tomsk

634041, Tomsk, Russia

96 Krasnoarmeyskaya st.

Tel:  + 7 (3822) 43-27-39 


LLC “GeoPrime” in Tumen’

625023, Tumen’, Russia

173, Respubliki st.

Tel:  + 7 (3452) 32-31-57 


JSC “Geostan”

050019, Kazakhstan republic,

Almaty, microreg. Atirau, 1,1 ,

(Kuldzhisky trakt, 1 km.)

Tel:  +7 (727) 259-66-60 


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