Our values:

GEOTEK, a leading Russian geophysical surveying company, fully understands its social responsibility for creation of safe working conditions, health protection of its employees and local population as well as for preservation of favorable environment at sites of geophysical works.

No economic, technical or other aspects can be considered unless they are in conformity with safety interests of the Company’s workers, the population and the environment.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System

The safety of our people and condition of the environment we are operating in remain our number one priorities. We understand that we have a social responsibility to create safe and sustainable working conditions. Our HSE policy is outlined in this section.Read more >>


We do not treat social responsibility as merely a means of compliance with relevant regulations and rules. We are committed to developing and maintaining a responsible position when addressing social, economic and environmental issues.

We are guided by a solid foundation established upon the following principles when building our relationship with stakeholders:

  • Diversity and inclusion, including promoting respect for historical heritage, cultural diversity, and local customs and traditions;
  • Openness and transparency;
  • Confidence and honesty;
  • Compliance with federal and regional laws and regulations;
  • Compliance with Russian and international standards;
  • Responsibility for the fulfilment of our commitments.
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