Environmental issues and the living conditions of the indigenous minority peoples of the north are our top-priority objectives. We are guided by a solid foundation established upon the following principles:

  • Improvements in the social and economic living conditions of the indigenous minority peoples of the north
  • Mutually beneficial cooperation with clans
  • Protection and development of traditional activities, customs, arts and crafts;
  • Respect for national traditions and the maintenance of cultural originality.

We discuss the principles of our relations with local residents with the owners of clan territories. We enter into economic agreements with the owners of clan territories to define the terms of their utilisation of the land and compensation for any eventual damages that may be inflicted by the company to natural resources, the environment or traditional hunting and fishery. Such compensation may be provided in-kind or in cash.

The owners of clan territories are free to spend any monetary compensation received in accordance with such agreements at their own discretion. Given the fact that the majority of the population still lives in yurts far from large settlements, the company makes all of the arrangements necessary for the purchase and delivery of handicraft tools, household goods and machinery, furniture, instruments and building materials.

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