Our geophysical expeditions are arranged far from large educational and cultural centers; therefore, the company is exposed to risks related to the attraction and retention of qualified staff. Human resource shortages may significantly affect the implementation of production projects and operating costs. In response to such exposure, we developed countermeasures to resolve HR and social issues, and to attract and retain skilled staff members. We are continuously monitoring local labor markets, the social and demographic situation, and migration processes.

In order to maintain social stability and retain our staff, we launched a professional development and training program in 2010. We provide targeted support to students specialised in fields relevant to the company’s activities, and implement various projects to attract skilled specialists from other regions of the Russian Federation.

We cooperate with the Moscow, Saratov, Kazan, Tomsk and Orenburg state universities, the Russian State Geological Prospecting University, the Isov Geological Prospecting College, and other professional educational establishments.

For example, we offer internships for third year students who are able to gain field experience at our facilities and make significant money. We provide free accommodations and meals and cover travel expenses. Our social objectives in this area are a top priority.

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