New acquisition

In the first quarter of 2008, ZAO GEOTECH Holding completed the acquisition of a controlling stake in OAO Khantymansiyskgeofizika, ZAO Continental Geophysical Company and an acquisition of 100% stake in OOO Seismos. Following the consolidation of OAO Khantymansiyskgeofizika, ZAO Continental Geophysical Company and OOO Seismos, as well as subsidiaries within the OAO Khantymansiyskgeofizika Group, ZAO GEOTECH Holding includes the following companies:

  • ZAO Geotech Management
  • ZAO Intaneft
  • OAO Severgeofizika
  • OAO Naryan-Marseismorazvedka
  • ZAO Agan-Burenie
  • OOO Severspetstekhnika
  • OOO GEONIS Geological Research and Engineering Commonwealth
  • OOO Seismos
  • ZAO Continental Geophysical Company
  • OAO Khantymansiyskgeofizika
  • OOO Seismic Technologies
  • OOO Reservoir Geology
  • ZAO Khantymansiyskgeofizikaservice
  • OAO Orenburg Geophysical Expedition
  • OAO Central Geophysical Expedition
  • OOO Boguchan Geophysical Expedition
  • OAO Yeniseigeofizika
  • OOO Evenkiageofizika
  • OOO Ilimpey Geophysical Expedition

Thus, thanks to its latest acquisition, ZAO GEOTECH Holding has turned into a major geophysical company.

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