GEOTECH Holding Implements BI System due to Cooperation with Optima Group

GEOTECH Holding Company has implemented the Business Intelligence (BI) system. The Optima Consulting Company, an organizational arm of the Optima Group, which offers a wide range of services in the sphere of management consulting and the implementation of information systems, was the executor of the project.

Currently, GEOTECH Holding is the most technologically advanced and rapidly developing geological survey company, both in Russia and the CIS states. The company offers the full range of seismic exploration services in all of the major oil and gas producing regions in Russia, including Western and Eastern Siberia, the Timano-Pechorsk Province, and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. GEOTECH Holding’s business geography requires the company to strictly observe seasonal periods, while primary project activities are performed during the time period lasting between December and April. During these months, it is very essential for top management to receive a daily snapshot of the production figures of every single project in various analytical sections, and to monitor the influence of these figures upon the economic position of the company. The decision to implement the BI system was made to meet this objective.

With the assistance of the new BI tool, the top managers of GEOTECH Holding Company have the opportunity to undertake a daily in-depth analysis of the performance of the Holding’s business units, and perform an analysis of production (registry, lumbering and geodesy) and economic figures (margin, receipts and expenditures), as well as exercise the modeling option to examine the influence of various factors within the scope of the project upon the project’s profitability. The specialists of Optima Consulting created approximately 10 dashboards for the convenient and graphical visualization of manager control panels, which have subsequently been employed with great success during the course of weekly meetings. The system also allows business units to be ranked with reference to a large number of analytical sections, which helps a manager to focus upon the most complicated projects and execute swift transactions in order to redistribute resources.

“Implementation of this system has made it possible for us to acquire a flexible analytical tool that helps us to promptly assess the situations existing within the company”, says Ilona Petrova, the chief financial director of GEOTECH Holding, and who is in charge of the project on behalf of the customer. “The system definitely saves our time and resources, provided that no need exists that we are unable to meet with the help of our new BI tool. The results of a given project form the basis of the future BI system, with the help of which we will in the future analyze other business components of the company. Next year, GEOTECH Holding is planning to develop the BI system for the analysis of financial and investment activities, as well as for the analysis of an annual pattern of business planning”.

The BI solution, based upon the QlikeView Business Discovery platform, was chosen as an analytical tool. Work was performed in the "extreme development" mode, which means that the iterative implementation and adjustment of algorithms in reference to the preferences of business users followed the stage of the initial formalization of the requirements for the system. As a result of this work, the BI system for GEOTECH Holding was ready in three weeks.

“Specialists from the financial and economic unit of GEOTECH Holding helped us to accommodate the rate at which the BI system was developed and implemented. All of the necessary information from the inner accounting systems for both the production and economic figures was prepared by company specialists. The acquired data and requirements were used in the process of developing and establishing the BI system”, says Denis Katyushin, the marketing director of Optima Consulting.

At GEOTECH Holding Company, 10 workstations have been equipped with the BI system thus far. However, the company is planning to increase that number to 50 in the near future.

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