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Illimpey Geophysical Expedition LLC

Region: Eastern Siberia
Company type: Subsidiaries
Seismic Services: Yes
Data processing & Interpretation: No
Office Location: Verkhnepashino, Krasnoyarsk Region


Ilimpey Geophysical Expedition LLC is a geophysical engineering company affiliated with GEOTECH Holding. It operates primarily in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Irkutsk Region and the Republic of Yakutia. It was the first in the Krasnoyarsk Territory to successfully apply CDP-3D techniques at the Yurubchen, Vankor and Omorin oil and gas fields back in 1995. Effective 3D surveys at the Vankor field made it the first site in East Siberia to employ a multi-well horizontal drilling technique that contributed to the fast commissioning of the field.

The Ilimpey Geophysical Expedition was formed in September 1978. Since then, it has made a significant contribution to exploring almost all of the Tunguska syneclise, assessing its oil and gas potential, and identifying large tectonic elements (Surindakon and Kamov arches and an elevated area near Vanavara), where focused prospect drilling subsequently discovered large oil and gas fields.


· Local surveys of deep geological structures

· Surveys and prospecting of potential oil and gas deposits for deep drilling

· Detailed surveys at hydrocarbon deposits

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Ul. Obrucheva, d. 2


Yeniseysky r-n, Krasnoyarsky Krai


Russian Federation

Tel/Fax: +7 (39195) 242 96 / 722 91

E-mail: geo@i-geo.ru

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