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PJSC "Geotech Seismic Services" - the largest geophysical company in the structure of IGSS, which provides a wide range of services in the field of seismic data with the latest technology and modern equipment. 

PJSC "Geotech Seismic Services" constantly introducing new technology. The company boasts a high performance in the field of occupational safety and health, environment and safety. On account of - field work with helicopter escort, high-performance designs with the use of vibration sources, seismic projects in the transit zone. 

PJSC "Geotech Seismic Services" (earlier - "Integra Geophysics") was formed by the merger in 2009, the famous Russian geophysical companies: Tyumenneftegeofizika, Yamalgeofizika and Tomsk Geophysical Trust with more than 45 years of experience in conducting seismic surveys and seismic Russian assets PetroAlians company (part of Schlumberger). 

In September 2013, PJSC "Geotech Seismic Services" became the parent company of the following companies group, thus completing the process of optimizing the structure of ownership and control of productive assets of JSC "Geotech Holding", launched on the basis of combining seismic assets of PJSC "Geotech Seismic Services", and Integra Schlumberger. 

  • Naryan-Marseismorazvedka (OJSC)
  • Severgeofizika (OJSC)
  • Orenburg Geophysical Expedition (OJSC)
  • Central Geophysical Expedition (OJSC)
  • West Siberian Geophysical Company (OJSC)
  • Evenkiyageofizika (LLC)
  • Khantymansiyskgeofizika (OJSC)
  • GeoPrime (LLC)
  • Yeniseygeofizika (OJSC) 

In June 2014, as part of a major restructuring of the management of the operating activities of JSC "Geotech Holding" has been transferred to PJSC "Geotech Seismic Services".

PJSC "Geotech Seismic Services" has a high reputation among the oil companies. Among the customers of the leading oil companies: Shell, Eni, KNOC, Lukoil, Rosneft, Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Russneft and others.