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Sibneftegeophyzika JSC

Region: South of Western Siberia
Company type: Associates
Seismic Services: Yes
Data processing & Interpretation: Yes
Office Location: Novosibirsk
Sibneftegeophysics OJSC is a major Russian oil and gas service company providing a full range of seismic services, including 2D and 3D surveys, well logging, seismic data processing and interpretation for 3D geological models. Sibneftegeophysics is distinguished for high quality and a comprehensive range of services provided.
The Company's operations cover a vast area – from Krasnodar in the west to Mongolia in the east, and from Uzbekistan in the south to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area in the north.
Over the last decade, Sibneftegeophysics has made over 60,000 km of 2D and 8,000 sq km of 3D field seismic surveys. These have been conducted in different climatic and terrain conditions – from deserts to tundra and from plateaus to cliffs. The company operates a variety of seismic sources, enabling acquisition in any environment, whether it be in swamps, sands, deep snow, on ice covers, steep slopes or in urban areas.
To improve the reliability of the acquired seismic data, Sibneftegeophysics established a quality control team,  including geophysicists assigned to field crews for the survey periods.
The Company's mission is the timely provision of high-quality seismic services through:
•    up-to-date equipment
•    individual and analytical approach to each site survey
•    test surveys throughout the field season
•    special-purpose software developed by global market leaders as well as in-house
•    specific workflow process
•    unique combination of vast expertise and cutting-edge technologies
Sustainable corporate development, cutting-edge technologies and equipment combined with a 40-year seismic expertise and close-knit professional team are the key drivers of further quality improvement of surveys, environmental compliance and operational safety, and, ultimately, of a more reliable, competitive and efficient service to our clients.

On 3 September 1971, the Minister of the Oil and Gas Industry, V. D. Shashin, issued an order to establish the Siberian Geophysical Expedition (SibGE).

The move was initiated by the senior officers of Glavneftegeophysics (A. I. Bogdanov and L. I. Ivanov) and of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics with the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Academicians N. N. Puzyrev and A. A. Trofimchuk). Currently, SibGE is a joint stock company controlled by the government.

Its original objective was to develop and improve the efficiency of new seismic techniques, especially their multi-wave modifications, in association with the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.

SibGE was initially established as a multi-purpose entity and included field survey crews, a physical modelling crew and a petrophysics laboratory, equipment, vibration and seismic logging crews, and a processing centre for special crews conducting surveys in close cooperation with the Academy of Sciences.

Cutting-edge technologies were clearly identified as the company's key drivers at the start of its operations, and its development has always been based on the professional competencies of its personnel, its organisational mobility and the ongoing development of its facilities. We have built a solid reputation in the seismic industry, both nationally and globally, and maintain professional contacts in the USA, France, China, India and Bulgaria.

SibGE research has covered the theoretical and practical aspects of transverse and converted wave propagation in different seismic and geological conditions, and data processing and interpretation for all wave types. Multi-wave seismic techniques have undergone large-scale testing and have been successfully implemented in Western Kazakhstan (Guriev and Mangyshlak), Ciscaucasia, Volgograd, and certain areas of West Siberia.

By the early 1980s, the company had all the necessary operational divisions and support functions in place (field crews, a data processing centre, a geophysical workshop laboratory, and a maintenance base). Based on SibGE’s geographic location, the Ministry of the Oil Industry of the USSR authorised the company to start geological surveys in new areas.

The Zaysan Basin was the first among them, with local surveys and prospecting works carried out in 1982–1989. Prospecting data was used to drill a stratigraphic well, with the company being the first to discover oil in the basin. Another important stage in the company's operations was local surveys and detailed follow-up exploration at the Verkh-Tarskoye, Luginetskoye, Igolsko-Talovoye and Myldginskoye fields in the Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions, which resulted in an updated estimation of the oil and gas reserves.

It was the first time when 3D seismic surveys were conducted in West Siberia. In 1985, SibGE was reorganised into a geophysical trust, with Tomskneft becoming its key customer for many years to come.

Physical and Geological Fundamentals of Multi-Wave Seismic Surveying, a study published by SibGE research team, was awarded the USSR State Prize in 1987.

A real challenge for SibGE were the local and detailed 2.5D surveys at the Verkhnechonskoye field in the Irkutsk Region (East Siberia), carried out in 1987–1992. In the same period, the company conducted vibration surveys for oil exploration in Mongolia and established close contacts with Yuganskneftegaz and Krasnoleninskneftegaz. In 1988, Sibneftegeophysics Trust was reorganised into an “association”, a more sophisticated and a greater scale organisational form.

In 1990, the Siberian Test Well Logging Expedition was established as part of SibGE.

From the start of its operations, SibGE has been engaged both in seismic surveys and the improvement of well logging techniques. Today, the Well Logging Expedition has all the necessary equipment and an experienced team to conduct any type of geophysical survey.

In 1994, Sibneftegeophysics Association was reorganised into a joint-stock company. SibGE, alongside other companies, was affected by a painful transition from the planned economy to the free market environment, resulting in lower demand, customer defaults, significant cutbacks on asset replacement expenses, and social tensions among the staff. The Company managed to make it through the hard times due to its organisational mobility, efficient customer management and strong competitive standing.

In the new millennium, SibGE started seismic surveys in Uzbekistan. In just two years, the Company completed over 2,300 sq km of 3D seismic surveys, being the first in Russia to carry out such massive work within very tight time limits, assuming that its larger part was done in populated agricultural areas, with pipelines, communication lines and other infrastructure. By now, Sibneftegeophysics has acquired excellent expertise in seismic and well logging data processing and interpretation. An experienced team, advanced hardware and software, and in-house technologies enable the Company to process over 500,000 96-channel magnetic records annually.

Today Sibneftegeophysics is a multi-purpose company able to provide any type of seismic service in any region.

Sibneftegeophysics offers a wide range of services:

· Local seismic surveys for regional subsoil resource departments to study local geological structures, assess their potential and identify further geological prospecting

· Exploration surveys with CDP-2D techniques for subsoil users to specify potential and producing structures, prepare the site for drilling and provide recommendations on exploration drilling

· Detailed seismic surveys with CDP-3D techniques for subsoil users to specify complex oil and gas bearing structures and recommend optimal well locations

· Well logging, including geophysical and engineering surveys for well drilling, field development monitoring, well tests, VSP surveys, well logging and VSP data interpretation, supervising, and well fluid sampling

· Seismic data processing, including adjustments of near-surface data influence, noise analysis and removal, velocity analysis, identification of the best available method to improve the signal to noise ratio, while maintaining the frequency response of the wave field and amplitude ratios. The reliability of the amplitude parameters is ensured through the application of wave field models, which determine the most appropriate filter setup to adequately compensate for the difference in pulse generation and recording conditions. The reliability of traveltime parameters is ensured through real time analysis of the velocity model, used for matching the forecast and actual depths at certain well points

· Seismic data interpretation is used to build a reservoir model by solving an inverse traveltime problem, and to forecast production parameters and build a 3D digital reservoir model by solving an inverse dynamic problem with the application of inversion methods and multi-attribute analysis of seismic records

· Seismic data inversion (acoustic and AVA inversion, neural networks, etc.) to detail forecasts of features located in the interwell space

· 3D reservoir modelling

Data processing quality is guaranteed by the application of cutting-edge technology, high professional expertise (40 university graduates, 4 Candidates of Science and 2 Doctors of Science in the team) and an individual approach to seismic tasks.

Over the last four years, employees of Sibneftegeophysics have taken part in 21 conferences and trade fairs and published over 40 scientific works, including 2 monographs.

Software applications and systems for data processing and interpretation:

Seismic data processing

· Geocluster (CGGVeritas) – comprehensive seismic data processing

· PreProc (Sibneftegeophysics) – monitoring with geometry and script editing options, relief static correction calculations, and creation of SPS and SEG-Y files

· BONUS (Sibneftegeophysics) – special-purpose data processing, including multiple wave and random noise elimination, static and traveltime data corrections, residual shift and migration adjustments, etc.

· ASPIS-W (Sibneftegeophysics) – 2D/3D data conversion for Windows

Seismic data interpretation

· The KingDom Suite+ (IHS, USA) – 2D/3D field geometry interpretation package

· VIDGIS (Tver, Russia) – well logging petrophysical interpretation package

· Hampson-Russell (CGGVeritas) – 2D/3D acoustic and synchronous inversion to obtain 3D petrophysical properties of the reservoir

· Roxar (Roxar) – 3D digital reservoir modelling

· Surfer-8 (GS, USA) – contouring and mapping software with wireframe options

Special-purpose software (Sibneftegeophysics)

· GTD ray path and AVO modelling

· Acoustic well logging data correction

· Stacked data traveltime adjustments via compensation for low-frequency static corrections

· Traveltime compensation for the variable relief of land surface

· Phase adjustments of seismic signals acquired in different projects

· Attribute analysis

Field surveys

The Company operates over 100 drilling units and over 60 non-explosive pulse sources. It has various seismic sources enabling acquisition in any environment, whether it be in swamps, sands, deep snow, on ice covers, steep slopes or in urban areas.

Data are recorded through over 30 thousand seismic channels and 20 advanced seismic acquisition systems, mostly the latest modifications of SN 408/428 by Sercel.

The SibGE topographic and geodetic surveying team is equipped with over 100 up-to-date geodetic systems (Trimble 5700 and 5800 and Topcon GB-1000 global positioning systems, Topcon 239 Siberia total stations; ETsMB-2 barometers, etc.). We employ software products from the leading manufacturers (TGO, Topcon Tools, and MapInfo), which enable the correct assessment and timely transmission of geodetic data; and in-house applications (TopSel) integrated into the field planning and management system.

For the last three years alone, investment into operations exceeded one billion roubles.

Setup, maintenance and repairs of seismic systems and field survey equipment are carried out by certified engineers.

Cargo, crews and equipment are transported across surveyed areas, with our vehicle fleet comprising over 250 motor vehicles and approx. 400 ATVs, tractors and snowmobiles.

All vehicles are equipped with GLONASS navigation systems.

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Russian Federation

General Director: Stanislav Y. Losev

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