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Naryan-Marseismorazvedka OJSC

Region: Timano-Pechora
Company type: Subsidiaries
Seismic Services: Yes
Data processing & Interpretation: Yes
Office Location: Iskateley, Nenets Autonomous District


Naryan-Marseismorazvedka JSC is the oldest and largest geophysical company in the Nenets Autonomous Area. It has all the necessary logistics for efficient field surveys in the hard-to-reach areas of its operation, with almost no road infrastructure.


Naryan-Marseismorazvedka has been operating for over 50 years, with over 35 years of seismic surveys in the north of the Timano-Pechora Province.

On 1 March 1958, the RSFSR Minister of Geology issued an order to establish the 7th Field Survey Expedition with the Western Geophysical Trust for seismic, geoelectric and gravity surveys in the Timano-Pechora Province.

In 1961, the Expedition was relocated to the settlement of Perelyub (Leshukonskiy District, the Arkhangelsk Region), with the Mezen syneclise becoming its primary survey target. Seismic and geoelectric surveys were conducted using correlation refraction and seismic profiling methods respectively.

In 1976, the Expedition was relocated to its new permanent base in the settlement of Fakel, Nenets Autonomous Area. Three further bases were created to support the field operations of the seismic crews – Dyuny, 60 km from Naryan-Mar, with two field crews, Dresvyanka in the settlement of Vangurey with three field crews, and Varandey with two field crews. The Expedition also included a geoelectric crew employing magnetotelluric sounding and profiling methods, a test survey crew, and a central geophysical interpretation crew based in Leningrad.

In 1992, the Leningrad Seismic Expedition was reorganised into Naryan-Marseismorazvedka State Geophysical Company. It was the first to conduct a 2D seismic field survey in the Timano-Pechora Province with SN-386 field telemetry stations (Sercel, France). The survey was organised in association with Seismograph Service (UK) and commissioned by Texaco (USA). It took a month to make field tests under the inspection of foreign professionals and with application of a MicroMax-based field quality control system. Survey results confirmed the efficiency of the seismic techniques, developed in–house, for 10 years of field operations. Test seismic sources included a vibration source (light wheeled vibrator) and an explosive surface source (detonating fuze).

In 1995, following the President's Decree No. 721 of 1 July 1992, Naryan-Marseismorazvedka State Geophysical Company was reorganised into Naryan-Marseismorazvedka Joint Stock Company (NMSR) to improve its operational efficiency and streamline its management structure. Its shareholder was the Committee for State Property Management of the Nenets Autonomous Area.

In 2001, NMSR purchased dedicated modern 3D seismic hardware and software, including a 408UL field telemetry station, a Trimble 4700 global positioning system, and a seismic processing/interpretation system based on Origin 2100 server, Focus system, and Paradigm Geophysical software package.

In 2002, for the first time in its history, NMSR conducted an independent 3D seismic survey at the Vostochno-Kolvinskiy fault commissioned by Polyarnoe Siyanie Joint Venture. NMSR was the first in Russia to employ XVib heavy crawler-type vibrators when surveying Arkhangelskgeoldobycha sites, in association with PetroAlliance. In the same year, NMSR established its third field crew, and set its own historical record of field surveys by making 69,306 shots within just one winter field season. In the summer season, NMSR was the first in the Nenets Autonomous Area to conduct a 2D field survey in the transition zone of Pechora Bay under the standard recording method with one geophone layout. The survey was financed by the mineral reserve replacement tax.

The year of 2009 was a record-setting period as shown by the field survey volumes made by NMSR (a total of 103,026 shots) and the field crew No. 1 (721 sq km and 48,288 shots), which were at an all time high in the Timano-Pechora Province, and 3D seismic surveys at the Central Khorei Ver uplift (1,325 sq km) became the most ambitious project in European seismology, completed within one field season.

In April 2010, three field crews completed field works on nine sites of Surgutneftegaz , LUKOIL-Komi, Pechoraneft and SN-Invest (a total of 73,420 shots, 1,047 sq km of 3D seismic and 520 km of 2D seismic). NMSR was the first in the Nenets Autonomous Area to conduct field surveys with SEM-50 electromagnetic pulse sources in a very difficult area of the Pechora River delta (Kumzhinskoye gas condensate field). A low impact technology involving combinations of explosive and vibration pulse sources was successfully used to survey the Syamayuskiy site in the Moreyu natural reserve. Uphole surveys for near-surface research were resumed on three sites after a 25-year break.

In April 2012, three field crews completed field works on six sites of RN-Severnaya Neft, LUKOIL-Komi, Bashneft, Naryanmarneftegaz, Gorniy Oil and SevZapNedra (a total of 62,511 shots, 801 sq km of 3D seismic and 132 km of 2D seismic). NMSR has successfully introduced a technique of hole loading through hollow columns in insecure rock. Well mudding instead of cementing was re-introduced on one of the sites upon the customer's request, for the first time in the past 28 years.


Naryan-Marseismorazvedka (NMSR) operates three field crews with dedicated equipment and professional staff capable of conducting up-to-date 2D and 3D seismic surveys with explosive and vibration pulse sources, and land-water transition zone surveys under the standard recording method with one geophone layout.

The up-to-date dedicated equipment of NMSR enables high-precision field surveys and includes Trimble global positioning systems, USh-2Т4 self-propelled drilling rigs, Nomad 65T heavy crawler-type vibrators, SEM-50 electromagnetic pulse sources, Sercel 428XL field telemetry stations, and a full package of Paradigm Geophysical processing and interpretation software. To improve the quality of field data, QC teams do on-site analysis and process all the acquired data.

Key personnel of Naryan-Marseismorazvedka have between 7 to 40 years of industry expertise in the Far North and are certified to operate cutting-edge equipment.

NMSR core activity is oil and gas field seismic surveys.


· CDP-2D/3D field seismic

· Transition zone seismic

· Seismic, geological and geophysical data processing

· Data interpretation

· Traveltime data processing and interpretation

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Head Office

Postal address:

Pereulok Gazovikov, d. 2
Pos. Iskateley
Nenetsky Auvtonomny Okrug
Russian Federation

Tel: +7 (81853) 446 59 / 446 50

Fax: +7 (81853) 441 43

E-mail: nmsr@geotechcom.ru

Saint Petersburg Processing and Interpretation Crew

Ul. Shkapina, d. 32–34, Floor 4
Saint Petersburg
Russian Federation

Tel: +7 (812) 252 2486

Fax: +7 (812) 252 319

E-mail: nmsrspb@geotechcom.ru

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