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Orenburg Geophysical ­­Research Expedition OJSC

Region: South of Russia
Company type: Subsidiaries
Seismic Services: Yes
Data processing & Interpretation: Yes
Office Location: Orenburg, Volga Federal


Orenburg Geophysical Research Expedition OJSC (OGRE) includes three full-fledged field seismic crews capable of conducting CDP-3D surveys, with the capacity of deploying one or two additional CDP-2D field crews. The expedition base communicates with field crews using mobile phones, GPRS 3G mobile modems, and Altegro Data satellite terminals.

OGRE has a long and successful track record of CDP-2D/3D surveys and wide-line profiling at the local, exploratory, detailed and specification stages of geological prospecting in geologically and tectonically complex regions of the Orenburg, Samara, Saratov, Ulyanovsk and Astrakhan Regions, Kamchatka, Yamal, and Chechnya. In 2011, OGRE employees took part in a geophysical project in Cuba.

The expedition covered over 6,795 sq m of CDP-3D and over 320,000 km of CDP-2D, wide-line profiles and controlled directivity reception data. Vertical seismic profiling and seismic well logging surveys were conducted at 2,850 wells; 488 sites with probable reserves of 450 million tonnes of oil and 165 trillion cu m of gas were prospected for exploration drilling to subsequently discover 156 oil and gas fields, including Europe’s largest gas condensate field, Orenburgskoye.

The key customers of the Company are Rosneft (Samaraneftegaz), Gazprom, TNK-BP (Orenburgneft), Samara-Nafta, and others.

In August 2011, the Orenburg Geophysical Research Expedition celebrated the 70th anniversary of geophysical operations in Orenburg.

2008 – OGRE became part of GEOTECH Holding

1997 – OGRE acquired by Khantymansiyskgeophysics

1995 – the Orenburg Geophysical Expedition reorganised into Orenburg Geophysical Research Expedition OJSC

1974 – the Buguruslan Geophysical Expedition renamed the Orenburg Geophysical Expedition

1961 – the Buguruslan Geophysical Expedition relocated to Orenburg, with the Orenburg Geophysical Expedition later as its successor

1941 – the Buguruslan Geophysical Expedition established in the town of Buguruslan


· CDP-3D/2D seismic surveys and wide-line profiling

· Topographic and geodetic surveys

· Supervising and monitoring services

· Seismic, geological and geophysical data processing

· Seismic data interpretation


· Two SERCEL 428XL and three SERCEL 408UL field telemetry stations

· NOMAD-65 non-explosive vibration pulse sources (three sets of five vibrators each)

· Yenisei-KEM non-explosive electromagnetic pulse sources

· Topcon GB-1000 global positioning systems

· Geocluster and SPW-3 stationary and mobile processing centres

· DV-1 Discovery data interpretation system (five licences)

The supervising department controls field data quality on site with the mobile processing centres by calculating data acquisition attributes, such as signal to noise ratio, dominant frequency, etc.

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Postal address:

Belyaevskaya ul., d. 14



Russian Federation

Managing Director:Ilfat Mustafin

Tel/Fax: +7 (3532) 76 0009 (reception)

E-mail: oge@esoo.ru

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