Azimuth Energy Services JSC

Region: CIS and abroad
Company type: Subsidiaries
Seismic Services: Yes
Data processing & Interpretation: No
Office Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan


Azimut Energy Services JSC (AES) is the largest dedicated company in Kazakhstan providing integrated geological and geophysical services in oil and mineral exploration for national and international businesses.

AES history dates back to the origin of geophysics in Kazakhstan and the Soviet Union. The Company has gained over 60 years of valuable industry expertise and strives for continuous improvement and adoption of cutting-edge technologies. The close-knit professional team is capable of finding the best solutions to successfully complete any complex project while acting in the customer's interest and in line with global safety standards.

Vast professional knowledge and a comprehensive approach to every task help establish a common language with the customers, and the very first meeting usually evolves into a confidential and respectful business relationship for many years to come. The Company has a deserved reputation of an exceptionally reliable partner and contractor both domestically and globally.

Sustainable professional and human resource development, coupled with the gradual replacement of outdated equipment and technologies, is the basic foundation of corporate development. The company maintains and develops business contacts with educational institutions and strives to use the services of undergraduate trainees. It also encourages its personnel to grow professionally in related areas, organising training workshops and engineering internships abroad for its employees to stay on top of the latest technologies.

The geography of the Company's operations has been growing steadily – alongside Kazakhstan, our crews continue working in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, India, and Mauritania.

AES head office is situated in Almaty at the picturesque foothills of Trans-Ili Alatau. Two other Kazakh offices include Aktobe and Shymkent, with two field support bases strategically located in Southern and Western Kazakhstan. New offices have recently opened in Ashgabat and Astrakhan.

A member of the Kazakhstan Petroleum Association, AES plays an active role in community development in both Almaty and Kazakhstan, supporting its former employees, in particular war and labour veterans. As regular participants of national and international trade fairs, conferences, and seminars, the Company’s employees keep abreast of the latest industry technologies and developments, share their professional expertise, and maintain strong ties with colleagues, partners, and technology developers.

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AES was formed in 2000 following a merger of a number of geological and geophysical companies, including Azimut Geological and Geophysical Joint Stock Company (Karaganda), Aktyubinsk Geophysical Expedition (Aktyubinsk), Almaty Geophysical Expedition (Almaty), Aerogeophysics (Almaty), Atyrau Geophysical Expedition (Atyrau), Ili Geophysical Expedition (Almaty), KazNIIGeophysics (Almaty), KOME (Seismalimet, Almaty), Mangyshlak Geophysical Expedition (Aktau), Turlansk Geophysical Expedition (Shymkent), Uralsk Geophysical Expedition (Uralsk), Pavlodar Hydrogeological Expedition (Pavlodar), and Kazlogistics (Aktyubinsk).

The Kazgeophysics Geological Association (Almaty), founded in Kazakhstan in 1981, consolidated all the geophysical expeditions involved in oil and gas exploration (Atyrau, Aktyubinsk, Turlansk, Ili, Uralsk, Aerogeophysical, and Geochemical Expeditions). In 1983, the Association established the Almaty Geophysical Expedition, which included, among others, a processing centre and dedicated crews to test new equipment and survey methods. In 1991, the Almaty Geophysical Expedition was the first in Kazakhstan to receive MDS–MERTZ vibroseismic system and began seismic surveys in line with the standards of Western oil companies. In 1985, the Association established the Mangyshlak Geophysical Expedition to enhance seismic surveys in Mangyshlak. It was the Golden Age of Kazakh oil geophysics, marked by rapid growth and recognised leadership across the Soviet Union. Kazgeophysics had strong ties with research and development centres in Kazakhstan (KazNIGRI, KOME, KazVIRG), Russia (Moscow, Saratov, Novosibirsk), Ukraine, and Belarus.

In 1992, Kazgeophysics was divided into two geophysical trusts – Kazgeofiztrest (Almaty) and Kazmunaigeophysics (Atyrau). Kazgeophystrest included Turlan, Ili, Almaty Geophysical, and Aerogeophysical Expeditions, KazNIIGeophysics (former KazVIRG) and Kazgeofizpribor. In 1993, Kazgeofiztrest was reorganised into the Kazgeophysics Research Association and a year later, into the Geophysics State Holding Company. Kazmunaigeophysics included Atyrau, Aktybinsk, Uralsk and Mangyshlak Geophysical Expeditions and in 1994 was reorganised into the Tolkyn State Holding Company.

The years of 1992–1996 were a period of transition for new seismic technologies. Joint stock companies proved to be the most effective type of business for geophysical enterprises, with Azimut Geological and Geophysical Joint Stock Company, founded in 1991, as the pioneer. Azimut purchased an advanced seismic Input/Output System II and I/O AHV-3 vibrators, soon growing into one of the market leaders in Kazakhstan. In 1996, Tolkyn and Geophyiscs State Holding Companies merged to form Geotex JSC. By then, Geotex already had cutting-edge technologies at its disposal, including G.DAPS-4, Sercel SN-388, I/О System-II multichannel telemetry stations, НЕМI-50 and MERTZ vibrators, and data processing hardware and software unrivalled in Kazakhstan.

In 2000, Azimut and Geotex merged to form Azimut Energy Services JSC, one of the largest services companies in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

In December 2006, AES joined Integra Group ( In 2010, following a merger of Schlumberger's and Integra's seismic assets in Russia, AES became part of the newly-formed joint venture, IG Seismic Services. In late 2011, GEOTECH Holding also became part of IGSS.

As a Kazakh company, AES meets all its public commitments, helping to improve national well-being and strengthening international contacts.

a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:2562:"<p>AES offers comprehensive geophysical services to national and international oil, gas and mining companies, ensuring a consistently high standard of service and compliance with national and international requirements for safety and quality. </p>

<p>Safety is a top priority for the Company. AES has developed and adopted an integrated system of safety and quality management, key corporate policies, standards and regulations, and operational procedures. </p>

<p>Complex 2D/3D surveys on the land, in the transition zone and shallow waters are AES’s most popular offers. </p>

<p>To conduct full-scale seismic surveys, AES can engage up to five field crews equipped with: </p>

<p>¨ Sercel-428 and Sercel-408 telemetry stations and floor mounted systems with over 20,000 seismic channels </p>

<p>? Advanced AHV-IV, AHV-III, HEMI and KZ-28 pulse sources </p>

<p>? The widest selection of drilling rigs in Kazakhstan (URB self-propelled drilling rigs, USh-2T4M and UBShM crawlers, buggies and portable drilling rigs for hard-to-reach areas) </p>

<p>? Trimbl – global positioning systems </p>

<p>? SGD-SEL and Geode near-surface recorders </p>

<p>? SG-10 geophones </p>

<p>? ATVs with low-pressure tires (Niva-Marsh, Trekol and Bronto) </p>

<p>? Ultralight ARGO ATVs </p>

<p>? Ural-4320, GAZ-33081 and other cross-country vehicles, including off-road cars and pickup trucks </p>

<p>? Crawler tractors </p>

<p>Upon the customer's request, the Company can: </p>

<p>Ø develop and select the best survey option in terms of geophysics and economy </p>

<p>? prepare a technical design of the survey </p>

<p>? draft an EIA and do environmental research and monitoring </p>


<p>As part of its turn-key seismic solutions, AES also provides QC and HSE monitoring and supervision services, which won recognition from the major western companies operating in the Kazakh market in line with robust quality standards. </p>

<p>AES has a large fleet of vehicles to guarantee efficient and effective transportation of field crews to project sites with minimum involvement of third parties. Along with transportation of its own crews, AES provides logistics services to third parties. </p>

<p>The Company’s Shymkent office operates a production facility manufacturing box vans and sheds for multiple purposes. Capitalising on its high-quality services and flexible approach to customer needs, the Company produces box vans both for its field crews and for third parties. </p>
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Head Office:

Azimut Energy Services JSC

Atyrau-1 Micro-district, d. 1
(1st km of Kuldzhinskyi Highway)

Almaty, Kazakhstan, 050019
Tel: +7 (727) 259 6666/56, Fax: +7 (727) 259 6650

Mob: +7 701 758 2580; +7 701 758 8753; +7 701 758 8754



Chairman of the Board of Directors: Bulat Elemanov

Chairman of the Management Board: Nikolai Larionov

Aktobe Office:

Ul. Rudnaya, d. 26, selo Kargalinskoye

Aktobe, 030004, Kazakhstan

Tel: +7 (7132) 99 5912, Fax: +7 (7132) 99 5909

Mob: +7 701 534 4924


Director: Vladimir Korneev

Geotekhnika, Shymkent Office of AES:

pos. Novoturlanskiy, Shymkent, 160020, Kazakhstan

Tel: +7 (7252) 53 3530, Fax: +7 (7252) 53 3490


Director: Adilmyrza Ibraimov

Russian Office of AES:

Naberezhnaya Privolzhskogo Zatona, d. 14, Astrakhan

Director: E. N. Khutsishvili

Turkmenistan Office of AES:

Prospect Archabil, d. 35, Kopetdag etrap, Ashgabat

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