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GeoRes LLC

Region: Standalone centers and Geophysical companies departments in Russia and CIS
Company type: Specialized centers for data processing and interpretation
Seismic Services: No
Data processing & Interpretation: Yes
Office Location: Tyumen
GeoRes LLC provides comprehensive geological and geophysical data processing services. The Company relies on employees with over 20 years of expertise in seismic data processing and interpretation, IT and programming, reservoir modelling, reserves appraisal, and flow simulation. GeoRes employs about 200 experienced geophysicists and geologists with a successful track record in all regions and hydrocarbon deposits of the West Siberian oil and gas bearing province, and expertise in data processing and interpretation on 17 sites located in West Siberia, the Caspian Sea region, and Timano-Pechora province.
The processing centre has the latest computing equipment that significantly facilitates data processing.
By using designated data processing and interpretation software packages developed by global industry leaders and the most advanced Russian applications, GeoRes engineers select the optimal combinations of processing and interpretation techniques.
The Company addresses a wide range of complex tasks in complicated geological conditions (including offshore conditions) and offers integrated solutions for geological and geophysical data interpretation – from compiling digital databases and consolidating local data to appraising hydrocarbon reserves and preparing field development plans.

GeoRes LLC was formed on 1 August 2005 following the merger of the Analytical Centre for Geological and Geophysical Data (Khantymansiyskgeophysics), NEDRA-Consult and INGEOSERVICE. The merger helped diversify the offering of services and assist customers in dealing with complex tasks related to processing and interpretation of seismic and well logging data, reservoir modelling, flow simulation, reserves appraisal, and yield analysis. The Company's personnel are the professionals who secured the success of the Analytical Centre for Geological and Geophysical Data, NEDRA-Consult and INGEOSERVICE. They include approximately 200 geologists, geophysicists, engineers, and programmers, among them 13 Candidates of Geology and Mineralogy, and 10 post-graduates.

GeoRes offers comprehensive geological and geophysical services ranging from field surveys to production engineering and field development:

· 2D/3D seismic data quality control

· 2D/3D land and offshore data processing

· Polarisation VSP processing and interpretation

· 2D/3D land and offshore data interpretation and 3D wireframe modelling

· Well logging data processing and interpretation

· Integrated interpretation of production and geological/geophysical data for reservoir modelling and reserves appraisal

· Production engineering based on flow simulations and adjusted for historical yield

· Environmental monitoring

Based on a broad selection of software applications and techniques, GeoRes offers effective solutions to geological tasks in any seismic environments. In providing its services, the Company’s engineers use software products developed both in-house and by leading national and global manufacturers, including PANGEA, Central Geophysical Expedition, CGG, Paradigm Geophysical, Beicip Franlab, ROXAR, Cisco, 3Com, and others.

GeoRes has recently interpreted 17 3D surveys and 40 2D surveys. Over the last three years, the Company has appraised reserves of seven fields:

· Pokachevskoye field

· Severo-Pokachevskoye field

· Zapadno-Asomkinskoye field

· Nivagalskoye field

· Tevlinsko-Russkinskoye field

· Yuzhno-Ostrovnoye field

· Klyuchevoye field

Special attention is paid to the quality and reliability of the geological data acquired at all stages of the survey.
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Postal address:

Odesskaya ul., d. 52A



Russian Federation

General Director: Anton Nedosekin

Tel: +7 (3452) 20 0706 (reception)

Fax: +7 (3452) 20 0704

Web: http://geores.ru

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