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Evgeo LLC

Region: Standalone centers and Geophysical companies departments in Russia and CIS
Company type: Specialized centers for data processing and interpretation
Seismic Services: No
Data processing & Interpretation: Yes
Office Location: Krasnoyarsk


Evgeo Ltd.Co is one of the leading geophysical companies in Krasnoyarsk engaged in seismic data processing and interpretation for oil and gas exploration. With the latest equipment and professional staff in place, the Company explores the geological structures of the Siberian Plate in order to identify hydrocarbon reserves.

Evgeo has a production facility in Minusinsk producing non-explosive electromagnetic pulse sources under the Yenisei brand.

Evgeo Ltd.Co was formed in 1998 as a subsidiary of Khantymansiyskgeophysics. Its core operations targeted East Siberian regions, particularly the Evenk Autonomous Area.

In 2001, the Company constructed its own office building in Krasnoyarsk. Today, Evgeo provides geophysical data processing and interpretation services across East Siberia.

Its processing centre has the most advanced hardware and designated software. In 2011, the Company established a production facility in Minusink to produce geophysical equipment, particularly electromagnetic pulse sources.

Evgeo conducts geophysical surveys and provides seismic data processing and comprehensive interpretation services upon request of the public and private sector. Company engineers are experts on the complex geological structures of the Siberian Plate related to trappean rock and near-surface heterogeneity. Evgeo has developed unique processing and interpretation techniques based on regional specifics of the geophysical data.

The Company does 2D, 3D, 2D3C and 3D3C data processing and interpretation and conducts special-purpose surveys. Its comprehensive services range from seismic surveys to field modelling.

Seismic surveys

Evgeo provides the following geophysical services:

· Deep seismic surveys

· Local seismic surveys

· Detailed seismic surveys

· Multi-wave seismic surveys

Evgeo’s infrastructure enables the company to conduct complex 2D3C and 3D3C surveys, to improve vertical resolution of seismic data with the application of compressional, transversal and converted waves.


Evgeo operates the latest seismic recording systems, including SERCELSN 408 XL and UL, SERCELSN 388, Input/OutputSystemTWO, and DSU (three-component data recording). Geodetic surveys are conducted with NIKONDTM-352WLeika and TCR 405 total stations, Stratus GPS receivers, and GARMIN 60-76CSx portable GPS navigators. Communication devices include Motorola HF and VHF radiosets and QUALCOMM satellite phones.

Geophysical data processing and interpretation

Evgeo Processing Centre has the latest servers, workstations, personal and peripheral computers, and software capable of simultaneously processing up to 10,000 km of 2D seismic and 1,000 sq km of 3D seismic data.

The data processing cluster is a Linux-based IBM Cluster 1350 comprising 28 quad-core computational nodes.

Information is stored on a 33 TB IBM DS4700 disk storage system. Additional processing and interpretation modules are 2xSUN Blade 2000 (2хULTRASparc-III) and SUN Fire v440 (4xULTRASparc-III) IBXX3850.

Each module has an SE3110 extension for disk storage systems. Backup copies are stored on a 40 TB IBM TS3310 automated tape library. A connectable component network is based on PC standards.

The key data processing and interpretation software product is LandmarkRelizR5000.

Geophysical equipment production and sales

A specific line of Evgeo’s business is the production of state-of-the-art non-explosive electromagnetic pulse sources under the Yenisei brand. The production facility in Minusinsk makes up to 100 pulse sources annually for domestic and foreign geophysical companies.

Yenisei electromagnetic pulse sources have several modifications:

  • skid-based tractor-driven YENISEI-SEM
  • truck-based YENISEI-KEM
  • water-type YENISEI-VEM

The skid-based modification is the best option for polar tundra areas, while the truck-based modification has proved its reliability in deserts and semideserts. The water-type modification is designed for seismic surveys in the transition zone and on the Arctic shelf.

In 2008–2012, VEM pulse sources were used in oil and gas seismic surveys along the Angara River.

A relatively inexpensive, reliable and low-impact technology used in Yenisei electromagnetic pulse sources is popular both in the domestic and global geophysical equipment market.

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Head Office:

Legal and postal address:

Ul. Plekhanova, d. 66



Russian Federation

Managing Director: Vladimir Detkov

Tel/Fax: +7 391 298 5675 (reception)

Minusinsk Office:

Postal address:

Promyshlennaya ul., d. 11



Russian Federation

Director: Mikhail Kopylov

Tel/Fax: +7 (39132) 2 1395

E-mail: mgtc@mail.ru

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