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Geostan JSC

Region: Standalone centers and Geophysical companies departments in Russia and CIS
Company type: Specialized centers for data processing and interpretation
Seismic Services: No
Data processing & Interpretation: Yes
Office Location: Almaty

Геостан_о компании

Geostan JSC is one of Kazakhstan’s leaders in the seismic data interpretation and processing market, offering a wide range of world-class services.

Geostan has adopted the best practices of Kazakh geophysicists, developed since the formation of PGO Kazgeophysics, and has profound expertise in seismic data processing and interpretation in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Algeria, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkey.

The Company is capable of processing any data recorded off shore, on land or in transition zones.

It enjoys a solid reputation as a high-quality service provider recommended by customers.

Geostan is proud of its professional staff with over 20 years of industry expertise. The Company operates advanced equipment and software to tackle any data processing and interpretation tasks.

Geostan’s history dates back to 1971, when the Kazakhstan Test Survey Expedition was established to become a leading service company in Kazakhstan during the Soviet period. In 1982–2004, the Company changed its name several times (Almaty Geophysical Expedition, Main Geophysical Processing Centre, Seismalimet, Geotex and, finally, Azimut Energy Services). Geostan spun off from Azimut Energy Services in 2004.

The Company is currently part of the IG Seismic Services, Ltd. (IGSS) joint venture, rising to a new technological level in seismic processing and interpretation.

Geostan provides standard and special-purpose 2D, 3D, 4С and 4D data processing services of any volume and complexity.

Data processing services include:

· Time-domain processing

· Depth-domain processing

· Special-purpose processing

The Company utilises advanced software products – Omega (WesternGeco) and Prime3D, inherited from JV partnerships.

Integrated interpretation services are provided with software applications by Petrel and other manufacturers, which are used to specify geological data.

The Company is capable of controlling data quality, matching different seismic areas, matching well logging and seismic data, horizon picking, seismic fault interpreting and 3D velocity modelling. Structural and stratigraphic analysis allows for geological correlation and identification of reservoir parameters. Inversion and AVO modelling are used to specify geological models. Reservoir modelling is based on seismic attribute interpretation and well data analysis.

The Company is also known for its significant operational experience in salt dome areas.

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Postal address:

Atyrau-1 Micro-district, d. 1
(1st km of Kuldzhinskyi Highway)



Tel: +7 (727) 259 6660

Fax: +7 (727) 259 6661

E-mail: geostan@geostan.kz

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