In recent years, GEOTEK held industrial testing and is ready to offer the following new technologies.

- 2D3C/3D3C- technology is based on the integrated use of different types of waves - transverse, longitudinal and exchange. This technique records the full wave field, which leads to the correct description of the elastic properties of the rocks and allows us to construct the closest realistic geological model of the field.

- SLBO (seismic side-scan sonar) - seismic direction which uses the scattered waves. Designed for the spatial (3D) and the space-time (4D) study of cracks in the rocks which can serve as reservoirs of oil and gas.

- Wireless Seismic exploration - cable-free system of registration of geophysical data of new generation. The collection and registration of seismic data produced by radio (Unite, wireless) is either accumulated on the storage devices in the blocks and then read using wi-fi (harvesting) or collected when recording all blocks of type NODE (Fairfield Nodal).

- Flip-Flop – productive seismic system in which the excitation of elastic waves is produced by sources alternately. In addition one group of sources (vibrators, switching power) produce vibrations, while another group is moved to the next item.

- Slip-sweep - high seismic system based on the method of overlapping sweep- signals in which vibrators operate simultaneously.

GEOTEK has all the necessary resources and the capacity to conduct high-quality seismic works of any complexity in any geological and climatic conditions on land and in the transition zones.

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