Geotech Seismic Services was recognized to be the best seismic services company in Russia in 2015

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation conducted a survey among the consumers of the oil and gas industry services in order to develop a communication strategy for oil and gas service equipment market, increase its openness and transparency, and share the experience of efficient oil and gas service contractors.

The representatives of 46 companies, including PAO “Gazprom”, OAO “Gazprom neft”, PAO Oil Company “LUKOIL”, OAO Oil Company “Rosneft”, OAO “NOVATEK” and others were surveyed. Five-point grading scale was applied for estimating. The winners were declared in seven groups according to their type of services.

Geotech Seismic Services took the honorable first place and was recognized to be the best company in “Seismic Services and Wireline Well Services” Group.

    The results are as follows:
  1. PAO “Geotech Seismic Services” – 4.55
  2. OAO “Bashneftegeofizika” – 4.3
  3. OOO “TNG-Group” – 4.21
  4. AO PGO “Tyumenpromgeophyzika” – 3.67
  5. OAO “Stavropolneftegeofizika” – 3.6

The other participating companies received less than five votes.

The winners were awarded at “Neftegazservis – 2015” Conference in Moscow on October 14.

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