«Geotech Seismic Services» has purchased new equipment of in-house design

Drilling rigs UBGM-1А will be delivered to “Severgeofizika” JSC. Purchase of this equipment will enable to complete the major part of seismic survey scheduled for this field season in due time. 
   UBGM-1А (the hydraulic drilling rig) is a joint development of engineers of «Geotech Seismic Services» PJSC and the manufacturing company «Kurganavtoremont». The equipment has been developed specially for drilling operations in seismic survey. 
    «The rig was developed from the ground up. There was nothing like this before. Earlier drilling during seismic survey was done with rigs designed in 1970s. These rigs were developed for various types of drilling. In our activities there are details to pay attention to. But the previous equipment was not aimed at seismic survey and even was too old-fashioned, - says one of the designers of the new rig, a chief specialist for drilling equipment of Manufacturing equipment support subdivision of «Geotech Seismic Services» PJSC, Nikolai Stapanenko. – In seismic survey, especially nowadays everything changes rapidly. Now there is a different drilling speed, other requirements to safety and another approach in general. That is why we have taken a decision to develop a new modern drilling rig. We have updated the parameters: increased power, enhanced the tower and paid special attention to drilling depth requirements. The rig has become easier for demounting, more convenient for well charging and simpler in operating. Besides we used a hydraulic actuating device instead of the mechanic one and that enabled to significantly simplify working conditions of the drilling crew». 
   The designers considered such a performance requirement as a multifunctional replacement of spare parts. In case of damage or wear the spare parts may be easily purchased in a special store. The most of the spare parts are series-produced and only some of them, if required, shall be ordered at the manufacturing company. UBGM-1А has been successfully applied over 2 years in Russia and abroad. The rig was immediately noted by the geophysical companies. Now the invention of Tyumen geophysicists is well used both by the Russian colleagues and the FSU companies.

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