GEOTECH has completed the marine seismic works in the water area of the Yenisei River

Together with RN-Vankor LLC, the seismic crew No.60 performed seismic surveys in the water area of the Yenisei River at the Zapadno-Irkinsky license area in the Krasnoyarsk Krai. 
The CDP-2D method was used when carrying out works. The purpose of the research was to study the deep geological structure of the Western Irbinskoe area. In preparation for the works, the geophysical equipment was tested at a depth of more than 15 meters, and the performance of a group of VEM-50 impulsive sources was tested.
Seismic works were completed ahead of schedule. The average registration productivity was 500 physical observations per day, which exceeds the planned one.
As a result, the customer received seismic data that allows solving the set geological tasks, and the team of the seismic survey party expanded the experience gained earlier when performing similar works in the Pechora river.
Thus, the technology of river seismic surveys with bottom spits is being further developed and improved, which allows the GEOTECH to count on new projects in difficult conditions of transit zones.

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